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Our number-one goal is to help fin-techs lead the way in today’s economic environment by developing brilliant IT solutions that really make a difference for everyone. Welcome aboard!


We are all about IT for fin-techs

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Our company specializes in IT solutions for companies in fin-tech, one of the fastest-growing domains at the intersection of IT and finance. Today, traditional banks are striving to transform their businesses and collaborate with the most promising fin-tech startups. We believe financial technologies will shape the future of the banking industry. That’s why we want to help fin-tech startups develop reliable IT solutions and deliver excellent financial services worldwide.

Why choose us?

Nyvara Software is a young but steadily growing company with the ambition to take the lead in developing IT solutions for fin-tech companies. This aspiration is fueled by our experienced team and vast pool of IT talents, who are passionate about creating the very best financial apps. Our professionals won't simply be outsourcing contractors but will serve as dedicated assistants and partners who follow your company's guidelines and policies. After all, success is having the right people with the right skills at the right time!

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Our professional skills

We're experienced in the creation of financial apps based on multiple frameworks and deployment tools, including Microsoft .NET, JavaScript, Vue.js, Terraform and Docker. Our hands-on skills and know-how will help you achieve your goals in software development and deployment at minimum cost and effort. Check out the full list of our projects and actively used technologies.


You can hire us in just four steps!

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Tell us about your project

Provide as much information about your project as possible, so that we can choose the right resources for you. Tell us about the project goal, allocated budget, expected deadlines and milestones, preliminary team headcount, privacy requirements, payment terms and preferred technologies.


Interview our developers

Conduct interviews or video calls with the developers we’ve selected for you. Upon request, we can provide brief or detailed CVs of our professionals. Feel free to ask any questions about their experience, skills, hourly and daily rates, and career expectations.


Choose the best developers

Based on the results of the conducted interviews, select the candidates who most closely match your goals. Then, if the final decision is a challenge, you can request additional information from us or ask more questions.


Start your project

Hold a kickoff meeting with the approved candidates, and you'll be on your way. They'll gladly assist with sophisticated development tasks and collaborate with your in-house staff throughout the project.

Ready to get started?

Simply contact our managers and submit a scope-of-work description (if any) for your project, or request a video call to discuss the details. We're always open to collaboration and are ready to negotiate terms, conditions, rates and applicable technologies. Click "Get started" below to open our contact request form, and provide as much project information as possible. Thank you!

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